Online Public Records Act Request Form

To facilitate your Public Records Act request, please use the electronic form below which will be submitted directly to the appropriate Public Records Coordinator. You may also submit your PRA by regular mail or email to the following addresses:

Department of Industrial Relations
Attention: Communications – PRA Request
PO Box 420603
San Francisco, CA 94142-0603
You will receive a response to your PRA within 10 days of DIR’s receipt of your request. In some cases, additional time may be needed to procure requested documents.

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In order for us to provide a timely and complete response, please provide as much detailed information as possible regarding the records you seek, such as:
- the people, places and/or things the records involve such as names, addresses, case names, and case numbers;
- the date or date range of the records; and
- the office, division, branch or section of the Department that created or maintains the records.

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Privacy Policy:

DIR requires the contact information requested above in order to process your PRA request. To learn how DIR uses the information, including personal information, it collects and maintains, please review our privacy policy.