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Public works coverage determinations (most recent)

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Public Works Coverage Determinations - Most Recent

2013 Public works coverage determinations

Date Case No. & document
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12/27/2013 PW Case 2013-004 Towne Centrale Project, City of Hercules
12/20/2013 PW Case 2010-024 West Village Development - University of California, Davis Campus
11/22/2013 PW Case 2012-015 Central Valley Next Generation Broadband Infrastructure Project - Central Valley Infrastructure Network
11/14/2013 PW Case 2012-045 Monterey Park Towne Centre - City of Monterey Park
11/13/2013 PW Case 2013-024 South Gate Senior Villas - City of South Gate
11/13/2013 PW Case 2013-008 Mid-Celis Apartments - City of San Fernando
11/1/2013 PW Case 2011-030_and_2013-006 Maintenance & Repair of Sidewalks, Curbs, and Gutters - City of Sacramento; 2013 Public Works Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk Restoration - City of San Marcos
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