About DLSR

The Division of Labor Statsitics and Reseach--the department's oldest division, which began in 1883 as the California Bureau of Labor Statistics--conducts research and publishes information on economic, employment and workplace safety and health statistics.

DLSR conducts an annual survey of workplace injuries and illnesses in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and participates in federal research on work-related fatalities nationwide. The division also computes and publishes the California consumer Price Index, which is statistically measured from regional reports of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The division's major aims are to provide information and statsitics on economic and employment conditions in California. To this end, DLSR

  • Collects, compiles and disseminates information pertaining to work injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the state
  • Determines and publishes prevailing wage rates for the construction industry in California public works projects, while promoting efficient use of public funds
  • Conducts research on conditions of employment throughout the state.

DLSR is expanding its information offered on the department's Web site and streamlining the process for responding to the public inquiries. Increased Internet access to resources can effectively reduce the response time on many kinds of inquiries, and this directly benefits the general public.