4615 public documents

The following are public documents on which the DWC relied in flagging lien claimants in EAMS as potentially subject to a stay under Labor Code section 4615.

4615 public documents
Law Offices of Cary Abramowitz & Cary David Abramowitz
California Injury Lawyer Inc & Cary David Abramowitz
Orange County Law Group, Inc. & Cary David Abramowitz
Jeffrey Marc Steinhardt, DC & Jeffrey Marc Steinhardt
Accident & Injury Family Therapy, Inc & John Workman
California Psychiatric Specialist Management, Inc & John Workman
Fig Garden Medical Group Inc & John Workman
Frontera Medical Group PC & John Workman
Mallock Chiropractic Group & John Workman
Marina Beach Medical Group Inc & John Workman
South Coast Medical Management Inc & John Workman
Southwest Medical Group Inc & John Workman
Zeus Diagnostic Medical Group Inc & John Workman
Performance Medical Group, Inc. & David Evans
Van Nuys Health Clinic, Inc & Peyman Heidary
Primetox Laboratories, Inc & Zaven Khanbekyan
Advanced Family Medical of Long Beach, LLC & Bradley Dean Groscost
Access Health Medical Group, Inc. & John Larson, D.C.
ACU Plus Interpretation Services, Inc. & John Larson, D.C.
Agreed Interpretation Services, Inc. & John Larson, D.C.
Alliance Toxicology, LLC & Tanya Moreland King
Allied Imaging of California & Ronald Grusd
Anaheim Health Clinic, LLC & Peyman Heidary
Arsalan Pourteymour, M.D., Inc. & Arsalan Pourteymour
ASAP Family Therapy, Inc. & John Workman
Atlas Diagnostic Services, Inc. & Anna Vishnevsky
Bahar Gharib-Danesh Chiropractic, Inc. and Bahar Gharib-Danesh, D.C.
Barsoum Law, A.P.C. & Rony M. Barsoum
Bellflower Health Clinic, LLC & Peyman Heidary
Beverly Hills Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLC & Schlomo Schmuel
Beverly Hills Magnetic Imaging Medical Associates, Inc. & Ronald Grusd
Beverly Hills Radiology, LLC & Sam Sarkis Solakyan
Beverly Hills Radiology, Inc. & Sam Sarkis Solakyan
Blue Oak Medical Group, Inc. & Shannon Devane-Moore
C & E Technology & Tania Arguello
California Imaging Network Medical Group, Inc. & Ronald Grusd
California MRI, Inc. & Jeff Stevens
California Radiology Institute, Inc. & Ronald Grusd
California MRI & Diagnostics, LLC & Jeff Stevens
California Radiology Network, Inc. & Ronald Grusd
California Sleep Apnea Centers, Inc. & Ronald Grusd
Candelario Chiropractic, A Professional Corporation & Joserodel Zavala Candelario
Capitol Health Centers, Inc., & Ronald Grusd
Cardio Vascular Plus, Inc. & Edwin Louis Dagostino
Carrier's Choice Interpretation Services, Inc. & John Christopher Larson, D.C.
Catalino Dureza, MD MBA & Catalino Dominic Dureza, M.D.
Comet Radiology, LLC & Schlomo Schmuel
Concierge Compounding Pharmaceuticals, Inc. & Hootan Melamed
Corona Health Clinic, LLC & Peyman Heidary
Curtis W. Montgomery Chiropractic, Corporation & Curtis Wayne Montgomery
David H. Payne, M.D., Inc. & David Hobart Payne
Diamond Orthopedics Services, LLC & Schlomo Schmuel
Downtown L.A. Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLC & Schlomo Schmuel
Dr. Lokesh S. Tantuwaya, M.D., Inc. & Lokesh S. Tantuwaya
Empire Radiology & Sam Sarkis Solakyan
Empire Radiology & Amir Obaidullah Khan
Empire Radiology, LLC & Sam Sarkis Solakyan
Firstline Health Inc. which will do business in California as Firstline Inc. & Hector Sandoval
Firstline Health, Inc. & Munir Uwaydah
Firstline Health, Inc. & Rosa Bernal
Foremost Shockwave Solutions, Inc. & Fernando Valdes
Foremost Shockwave Solutions, Inc. & Lee Mathis
Hartford Neuro Diagnostics & Sam Sarkis Solakyan
Health-Link Management Inc. & Felix Koltsov
Heidary Chiropractic, Inc. & Peyman Heidary
Henry Geoffrey Watson, M.D. & Henry Geoffrey Watson
Hospitality Business Solutions, Inc. & Felix Koltsov
Hyde Park Medical Group, Inc. & Rahil Rashid Khan
Industrial Orthopedics Spine & Sports Medicine Medical Center Inc. & David Hobart Payne M.D.
Innovative Orthopedic Solution & Schlomo Schmuel
Jacob E. Tauber, M.D., A Professional Corporation & Jacob Tauber, M.D.
Law Office of Robin Jacobs, Inc. & Robin Rebecca Jacobs
LFPS Inc. & Felix Koltsov
Los Angeles Health Clinic, LLC & Peyman Heidary
Lotus Laboratories dba Integrated Pathology Medical Laboratory, Inc. & Liza Marie Vismanos
Mannie Joel, M.D., Inc. & Mannie Joel
Marina Billing & Collection Company, Inc. & Jeff Stevens
Matnick Orthopedic Medical Group & Daniel Alexander Capen, M.D.
Matrix Medical Management, Inc. & Lee R. Mathis
Med Legal Interpretation Services, Inc. & John Christopher Larson, D.C.
Meditox Services Inc. & Zaven Khanbekyan
Michael S. Sinel, M.D., Inc., A Medical Corporation & Michael Steven Sinel
Mid-Pacific Medical Group, APC & Rahil Rashid Khan
Mid-Valley Imaging, Inc. & Sam Sarkis Solakyan
Millennium Medical Group of San Fernando, A Professional Corporation & Paul Turley
Mindwaves Psychological Services, Inc. & John Thomas Terrence
Miracle Mile Medical Center, LLC & Gil Tepper
Mission Psychology Group, Inc., A Psychological Corporation & John Workman
MLCA, Inc. & Lee R. Mathis
Montebello Health Clinic, LLC & Peyman Heidary
Munir Uwaydah, M.D., Inc. & Munir Uwaydah
National Script Pharmacy, Inc. & Bahar Gharib-Danesh
Nea Healthcare, Inc. & Zaven Khanbekyan
Nephron Management, LLC & Liza Marie Vismanos
New Age Pharmaceuticals, Inc. & & Hootan Melamed
North Valley Diagnostic Services Inc. & Kevin T. Do
Ocean Regional Surgical Podiatric Group, A Professional Corporation & Domenic Signorelli
One World & Gabriela Pacheco
Ontario Health Clinic, LLC & Peyman Heidary
Optimum Pharmacy Management Inc. & Felix Koltsov
Orthopaedics, Sports & Worker’s Medical Group, Inc. & Gary Wisner, M.D.
Pacific Coast MRI, Inc. & Emmanuel Ed Go
Pacific MRI & Diagnostics & Jeff Stevens
Pain Relief Health Center, LLC & Bahar Gharib-Danesh
Pain Free Diagnostic & Bahar Gharib-Danesh
Paramount Management Services, LLC & Sam Sarkis Solakyan
Paramount Management Services, Inc. & Sam Sarkis Solakyan
Poseidon Medical Group, Inc. & John Workman
Preferred MRI, LLC & Tanya Moreland King
Priority First Professional Services, Inc. & Felix Koltsov
Professional Documents Management & Tania Arguello
Qualified Interpretation Services, Inc. & John Larson, D.C.
Radstar, Inc. & Sam Sarkis Solakyan
Radstar, LLC & Sam Sarkis Solakyan
Rahil R. Khan M.D., Inc. & Rahil Rashid Khan
Randy Rosen, M.D., A Professional Corporation & Randy Scott Rosen
Redi Medical Transportation & Jeff Stevens
Reshealth Diagnostics, Inc. & Eric Jay Schames
Reshealth Medical Group, A Professional Corporation & Eric Jay Schames
Resource Pharmacy Inc. & Felix Koltsov
Reyes & Associates, P.C. & Jorge Humberto Reyes
Riverside Health Clinic, LLC & Peyman Heidary
Robert B. Fenton, M.D., A Medical Corporation & Robert Brant Fenton
Ronald S. Grusd, M.D., Inc. & Ronald Grusd
Rony M. Barsoum, Inc. & Rony M. Barsoum
Rosen Anesthesia Group, A Professional Medical Corporation & Randy Scott Rosen
Rudolph Multi-Specialty Medical Group, Inc. & John Christopher Larson, D.C.
S & B Surgery Center & Randy Scott Rosen
San Diego MRI Institute & Sam Sarkis Solakyan
Sanjoy Banerjee, M.D., Inc. & Sanjoy Banerjee
Sano Medical Consultants, LLC & John Garbino
Santa Ana Health Clinic, LLC & Peyman Heidary
Schlomo Schmuel, D.P.M., Inc. & Schlomo Schmuel
Scott M. Taylor, M.D., A Professional Corporation & Scott Taylor
Sentinel Health Medical Group, Inc. & Wendee Luke
South Bay Surgical and Spine Institute LLC & Paul Turley
Southwestern Orthopedic Medical Corporation & Daniel Alexander Capen, M.D.
Spalding Surgical Center of Beverly Hills, LLC & Randy Scott Rosen
Sunrise Diagnostics, Inc., A Medical Corporation & Amir Obaidullah Khan
Sunset Ambulatory Surgical Center & Schlomo Schmuel
Sunset Foot Clinic Corporation & Schlomo Schmuel
The Oaks Diagnostics, Inc. & Ronald Grusd
The Spine Institute, Inc., A Medical Corporation & Gil Tepper
Tiffany Rogers, M.D., M.P.T., Inc. & Tiffany Rogers
Trestles Pain Specialists, LLC & John Garbino
Trestles Rx, LLC & John Garbino
Trucare Pharmacy & Mina Kolta
TYY Consulting, Inc. & Hootan Melamed
Unlimited Interpreting Services LLC & Felix Koltsov
Warbritton & Associates Impairment Rating Specialists Medical Corp., Inc. & John David Warbritton, III
Wardlow Family Medical of Long Beach “LLC” & Bradley Dean Groscost
Westside Orthopedic Group Inc. & Schlomo Schmuel
Yousef Kurdy, M.D. & Yousef Kurdy
The Law Offices of Jon M Woods, Inc. & Jon Woods
F & M Radiology Medical Center, Inc & Bahram Tabibian
F & M Radiology Medical Center, Inc & Moosa Heikali, MD
Functional Restoration Medical Center, Inc & Moosa Heikali, MD
Magnetic Imaging of Burbank, Inc & Moosa Heikali, MD
EA Integrated Health Services & John Larson D.C.
Pacific Surgical Institute of Pain Management & David J Smith MD
David James Smith MD APC Management & David J Smith MD
San Diego Comprehensive Pain Management Center, Inc & David J Smith MD
Moosa Heikali, MD & Moosa Heikali, MD
ACU Med Interpretation Services, Inc. & John Larson, D.C.
Authorized Interpreting Services, Inc. & John Larson D.C.
Larson Chiropractic, Inc & John Larson D.C.
Nor Cal Pain Management Medical Group & John Larson D.C.
One Stop Multispecialty Group & John Larson D.C.
State of California Interpreting Services, Inc & John Larson ,D.C.
Robert I. Slater, A Law Corporation & Robert I. Slater
BC Interpreting Service, Inc & Beatriz Campos
Beatriz Campos Interpreting & Beatriz Campos
Bayspine Medical Associates & Gary Martinovsky
Bayspine Surgery Center & Gary Martinovsky
Gary Martinovsky MD & Gary Martinovsky
Integrated Pain Care & Gary Martinovsky

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