Information for workers project


The CHSWC-sponsored study on "Information Services to Injured Workers" showed that workers need to know what the workers' compensation program is, what steps they need to take if an injury occurs, what they can expect in the process, and how they can receive information and assistance.


The Commission undertook a project to develop prototype information materials on the workers' compensation program, benefits, and procedures. The Advisory Committee, consisting of interested members of the workers’ compensation community worked closely with the project team in creating and refining the informational materials.

These materials, consisting of seven fact sheets and a video, were designed for use by employers, employee organizations, and any others in the California workers' compensation community. Guidelines also inform employers how to use the material to fulfill legal obligations to inform workers of their rights.

The fact sheets, available in both English and Spanish, are entitled:

  • What Every Worker Should Know
  • After You Get Hurt on the Job
  • Temporary Disability Benefits
  • Permanent Disability Benefits
  • For More Information
  • Hurt on the Job? Information Alert for Teens
  • Working After a Job Injury

The video follows the cases of three injured workers and describes the steps to take when an industrial injury takes place as well as available resources to get further assistance.


This project was completed March 1998.

Further Information

Workers’ Compensation Factsheets and video entitled "Introduction to Workers’ Compensation"

CHSWC Report: ‘Recommendations: Information for Injured Workers’ (2000)

CHSWC Report: ‘Navigating the California Workers’ Compensation System: The Injured Workers’ Experience’ (1996)