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Small Business General Health and Safety Materials

Small Business Safety Training WOSHTEP has created a packet of materials that can be used for safety training in California small businesses across many industries. It includes a training guide to engage workers in identifying and controlling hazards in their own workplace, a Safety Orientation Checklist to encourage workers to be aware of hazards, and Tip Sheets on topics of special concern to small businesses. There are also factsheets directed primarily at owners and employers, including an overview of Cal/OSHA and an explanation of how small businesses can benefit from improved safety programs.

All materials are currently available in English and Spanish. All materials in the small business packet may be viewed or downloaded in acrobat small logo Adobe Acrobat form below.

Click below to download the English Safety Training Materials:

Click below to download the Spanish Safety Training Materials:

If you would like to request a copy of the materials, please send your request to

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April 2012