Workers' Occupational Safety and Health Education Fund (WOSHEF)

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For Insurers: How to Make Your Annual Payment for WOSHEF

Step 1 - Fund your payment by:
  • Writing a check payable to “Workers’ Occupational Safety and Health Education Fund” or “WOSHEF”.
  • Make an electronic payment via EFT at our secure payment site:
Step 2 - Collect required documentation for mailing as specified in the Billing Notice your received in the mail:
  • Workers' Occupational Safety and Health Fund Fee Report Form
  • The Call for Direct Workers’ Compensation Experience
  • A Copy of the Most Recent Certificate of Authority
  • Payment Acknowledge Form - IF paid electronically
Step 3 - Mail the collected documentation, along with your check, if applicable, to:

    Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation
    Attention: WOSHEF
    1515 Clay St. 17th Floor
    Oakland, CA 94612

Any questions should be directed to the above address, by calling 510-622-3959, or via email at


January 2020