Known Printing Problems with Adobe Acrobat PDF Files

  • Laserjet II level printers will print the blank form, but may severely distort the print if printing a filled-out form.
  • Deskjet printers will print garbage characters in many spots if printing at any quality level better than "draft" or "normal". You should be sure to check the Print-Setup-Properties menu and set your printer to Draft(Econofast) or Normal Print Quality.
  • When Adobe Acrobat is installed as a plug-in, some printers only print blank pages. To work around this, select "Print" from the Acrobat Reader application that was opened when you clicked on the PDF file INSTEAD of selecting "Print" from your web browser.

If you encounter printing problems, and come up with a solution, be sure to let us know so we can add the solution to this page.

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