Elevator Certification Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have recently passed my C-11 Exam with the Contractors State License Board (CSLB), now what?

    Start with our CQCC application found on the website (first time not renewal), ensure the person(s) you choose as Qualifier(s) meet our listed prerequisites, then submit all the proper documentation and fees to obtain the required CQCC certification.

  2. How do I submit an application?

    See the application links posted on our page – follow the instructions for the specific type of certification for which you are applying.

  3. What is the turn-around time for receiving my Certification?

    This is highly variable. It is based upon if a submission is complete, and the time of year submitted. We strive to provide quick turn-around times to allow work to flow seamlessly for you in the field. It is highly recommended to submit all required documents and fees before you expire, as all applications are processed in the order received. No exceptions.

  4. I lost my card – what do I do?

    Complete and submit our replacement card form and fee and a new card will be sent to the address you provide.

  5. What forms of payment do you accept?

    Check (personal or company), Money order or Cashier's check. They should be made payable to the DIR, Elevator Safety Account.

  6. Where are you located?

    1750 Howe Ave., Suite 420, Sacramento, CA 95825. All certification related documents and fees should be sent to this address. Email inquiries can be sent to ElevatorCert@dir.ca.gov

  7. What if my certification has expired; can I continue to work?

    No. You must have a complete application and fee submitted for processing and approval.

  8. If I move or change companies, should I notify Certification?

    Yes, we need updated information. See our address update form. It can be used for any information updates.

  9. Who is required to be certified?

    Any person, firm or corporation that possesses a valid contractor's license, (C-11) wishing to commence in commercial business dealing with conveyances that are under the jurisdiction of the Division and any person they employ who will work without direct or immediate supervision and may engage in erecting, constructing, servicing, maintaining, repairing, modernizing, altering, removing/dismantling, and testing of conveyances. This includes persons, firms, or corporations that maintain and repair special purpose elevators on cranes that utilize a rack and pinion system in marine terminals. Inspectors of conveyances employed by municipalities or insurance companies must also be certified by the Division.

  10. Can I choose continuing education from any provider?

    No. You must select a Division approved provider that is listed directly on our website. Classes that are not via approved providers with approved curriculum applicable to the State of California will not be accepted. These courses must also be completed twelve (12) months or under preceding submission of any Renewal packet.

October 2021