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Permits, Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations

Get information about permits, licenses, certifications, and registrations issued by the Department of Industrial Relations:

Type of Work or Business Administered by
Aerial passenger tramway
Permit to operate a passenger tramway
Asbestos abatement contractors
Registration of employer or contractor engaged in certain asbestos work
Asbestos consultants and technicians
Certification to provide consultation regarding certain asbestos-containing construction material
License to use explosives in the workplace
Car washing and polishing
Registration of employer engaged in car washing and polishing
Labor Commissioner's Office
Carcinogen users
Registration of employer using a regulated carcinogen
Child performer services permit
Permit for person representing, or seeking to represent performers under 18 (minors)
Labor Commissioner's Office
Construction activities
Permit to perform certain construction activities
Certification to operate certain cranes
Door-to-door sales
Registration of employer, transporter, or supervisor of minors engaged in door-to-door sales
Labor Commissioner's Office
Electrician certification program
Certification to perform certain work as an electrician
Labor Commissioner's Office
Permit to install and operate elevators
Entertainment: 10-day temporary entertainment work permit
10-day permit for minor who wishes to be employed in the entertainment industry
Labor Commissioner's Office
Entertainment work permit
Permit for minor who wishes to be employed in the entertainment industry
Labor Commissioner's Office
Farm labor contractors
License to operate as a farm labor contractor
Labor Commissioner's Office
Garment manufacturers and contractors
  • Registration of employer engaged in garment manufacturing
  • Registration of leasing company or temporary agency that provides the services of employees in the garment manufacturing industry
Labor Commissioner's Office
Industrial homeworkers - license to employ
License to employ an industrial homeworker
Labor Commissioner's Office
Industrial homeworkers - permit to work
Permit to work as an industrial homeworker
Labor Commissioner's Office
Medical provider network (MPN)
Approval of a plan for a workers' compensation medical provider network
Division of Workers' Compensation
Mining and tunneling
Certification of safety representative or gas tester in underground mining and tunneling operations
Permanent amusement rides qualified safety inspector
Certification to work as a qualified safety inspector for amusement rides
Portable amusement rides and bungee jumping
Permit to operate amusement rides including bungee jumping
Pressure vessels - operation
Permit to operate certain pressure vessels
Pressure vessels and boilers - inspectors
Certification for inspectors of steam boilers and pressure vessels
Produce Unloaders
Registration for people who unload farm produce in a market in which five or more dealers operate.
Labor Commissioner's Office
Public works projects
Certification of the employment of apprentices
Division of Apprenticeship Standards
Qualified medical evaluator (QME)
Certification of qualified physicians to evaluate disability and write medical-legal reports in workers' compensation cases
Division of Workers' Compensation
Self insurance
Approval (certification of consent) to self-insure for workers' compensation
Office of Self Insurance Plans
Sheltered workshops and special minimum wage workers
  • License for a nonprofit organization to pay a special minimum wage to workers
  • License for an individual to be paid a special minimum wage
Labor Commissioner's Office
Studio teachers
Certification to work with minors as a studio teacher
Labor Commissioner's Office
Talent agency license and fee-related talent services
License to operate as a talent agency
Labor Commissioner's Office
Tower cranes
Permit for fixed or mobile tower cranes
Tunneling or underground mining
Permit to use diesel engine in underground mine or tunnel

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