Office of Self Insurance Plans (OSIP)

Private/SIG Self Insurance by the Numbers – 2014

$90 Billion total self insured payroll
2.2 Million CA Public Workers covered by self insurance
3,579 CA Public Agencies self-insure WC Liabilities
5.45 Billion Estimated Claims Reserves (EFL)
1.53 Billion Medical and Indemnity Payments
93,850 Open Workers' Compensation Case

Self Insurance Groups

The Office of Self Insurance Plans (OSIP) authorizes qualified employers to provide their own coverage for workers' compensation liabilities. Small and medium-sized businesses have the option of joining with others in the same industry to self-insure their workers' compensation liability as a group. All Self Insurance Groups (SIGs) must be approved by OSIP and are required to post a security deposit covering their actuarial determined liabilities. California has one of the largest self-insurance programs in the nation and has some of the strongest regulations designed to ensure the system protects both employers and employees.

GROUP FORMS - Below are forms for use that are specific to groups.

  • Form S-1 (1-2016)
    Group master application for certificate of consent to self-insure
  • Form S-2A (1-2016)
    Group affiliate member interim application
  • Form S-2B (1-2016)
    Application for affiliate certificate of consent to self-insure as a member of a group self-insurer
  • Form S-3 (1-2016)
    Corporate resolution
  • Form S-4 (1-2016)
    Indemnity agreement and power of attorney
  • Form S-5 (1-2015)
    Agreement of assumption and guarantee of workers’ compensation liabilities for group and affiliate members
  • Form S-6 (1-2016)
    Agreement and undertaking for security deposit