Elevator Certification

The Elevator Unit's Certification Section is responsible for the following:

  • Certifies the competency of limited and general elevator mechanics, temporary mechanics, emergency mechanics, elevator companies, and elevator inspectors.
  • Reviews applications for each classification and verifies that applicants meet the requirements specified in the California Labor Code.
  • Upon meeting these requirements, applicants are issued a certificate, an identification card, or both, depending on the type of application.
  • Processes all application fees and forwards them to the Accounting Department.

For more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or email the Certification Section at ElevatorCert@dir.ca.gov.

How to Apply for Certification

Requirements for Certification

Click one of the links below for requirements to become a Certified Competent Conveyance (Elevator) Mechanic (CCCM), Certified Qualified Conveyance Company (CQCC), Certified Competent Conveyance Inspector (CCCI), or a Temporary Certified Competent Conveyance Mechanic (TCCCM).

Conveyance Companies Conveyance (Elevator) Mechanics Temporary Conveyance Mechanics Conveyance Inspectors

Approved Continuing Education Providers

• Pace: (410) 312-1474
• Capitol Elevator: (916) 383-8728
• Bell Elevator Inspection Services: (916) 825-1655
• James Meyer Consulting: (209) 267-0950
• Certified Training Conveyance Corp: (805) 383-6809
• Buckman Elevator Consulting Srvcs.: (916) 417-6226
• National Elevator Industry Educational Program Continuing Education:
  • Local contacts:
    - Larry Engel (San Diego area) (702) 248-3437
    - Ed Lackey (Los Angeles area) (626) 798-0070
    - Roy Francesconi (San Francisco area) (415) 747-2782

Application Forms

For a complete list of elevator forms, visit the Elevator Forms Page.

June 2016