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Heat Illness Prevention

water keeps you going

California employers are
required to take these
four steps to prevent
heat illness

  1. Training
    Train all employees and
    supervisors about heat
    illness prevention.
  2. Water
    Provide enough fresh water so that each employee can drink at least 1 quart per hour, or four 8 ounce glasses, of water per hour, and encourage them to do so.
  3. Shade
    Provide access to shade and encourage employees to take a cool-down rest in the shade for at least 5 minutes. They should not wait until they feel sick to cool down.
  4. Planning
    Develop and implement written procedures for complying with the Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Standard.

Heat Illness Prevention Training

Water.Rest.Shade. The work can't get done without them.

May 2015        
Class Description City Date and Time Location Class Registration
Stay Ahead of CalOSHA, Heat Training
Santa Rosa May 5   (Tuesday)
9:00 am – Noon - English
9:00 am – Noon - Spanish
970 Piner Rd
Santa Rosa, CA
Heat Illness Prevention Training for Employers
San Diego May 7   (Thursday)
8:00 am – 9:45 am - Spanish
UC San Diego OTI Education Center
6256 Greenwich Dr.
San Diego, CA
Cal-OSHA Quarterly Update
Carson May 8   (Friday)
Noon – 3:00 pm - English
CSUDH Extended Education Auditorium
1000 E. Victoria Street
Carson, CA
Safety Forum of the Inland Empire
Rancho Cucamonga May 12   (Tuesday)
8:00 am – 10:00 am - English
The Frontier Project
10435 Ashford Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
2015 Heat Illness Prevention Training
San Bernardino May 18   (Monday)
9:00 am – 11:00 am - English
Rosa Parks Memorial State Building
DOT training room basement
464 W. 4th Street
San Bernardino, CA
Heat Illness Prevention Training for Employers
San Diego May 20   (Wednesday)
8:00 am – Noon - English
8:00 am – Noon - Spanish
7676 Hazard Center Dr.
13th floor
San Diego, CA

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Heat Illness Regulation

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