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The Amusement Ride and Tramway Unit

Public Safety Program

The Amusement Ride and Tramway (ART) Unit is responsible for conducting inspections of portable or temporary amusement rides (TAR), permanent amusement rides (PAR), and aerial passenger tramways or ski lifts. The ART Unit consists of several offices, which carry out the unit's responsibilities:

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Amusement ride inspections and QSI certifications

Temporary (portable) amusement rides (TAR)

In 1969, the Amusement Rides Safety Law (Labor Code Section 7900 et seq., the text of which is available from the Legislature's web site), took effect in California for the first time, providing for the inspection of temporary amusement rides (TAR). Shortly thereafter, Title 8 regulations were adopted by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health and the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board to enforce the statute. The TAR regulations are located in the General Industry Safety Orders under Article 35, Amusement Rides, Sections 3900-3920.

The TAR Safety Inspection Program is administered by the division's Ride and Tramway Unit. Each year all owners of temporary amusement rides who intend to operate within the state of California are required to submit by March 1 an application form ( doc ) for a permit to operate, unless operating before March 1, in which case the application must be submitted 10 days prior to operating in the new calendar year, an itinerary form ( doc ) indicating where they will be operating during the current ride season, and a ride list form ( doc ) listing the rides they will operate for the season. For information about the TAR program please read the TAR letters.

Permanent amusement rides (PAR)

In 2000, a new law took effect in California (AB 850), establishing the Permanent Amusement Ride (PAR) Safety Inspection Program. Go to the Legislature's web site for the text of Labor Code Section 7920 et seq. You may also read Labor Code Section 7900 et seq and Labor Code Section 7920 et seq by clicking on the links.

Like the TAR Safety Inspection Program, the PAR Safety Inspection Program is administered by the Ride and Tramway Unit. Establishment of this new program represented a significant expansion of the division's jurisdiction. As a result, the division now is responsible for conducting safety inspections of all amusement rides operated in California.

The division and the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board have developed regulations to implement the PAR Program. These regulations are of two kinds: 1) Administrative (adopted by the division, operative 10-30-2001); and 2) Technical (adopted by the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board, operative 7/12/2003). Ride owners and operators should make themselves familiar and must comply with both sets of regulations.

Information about course approvals, QSI certification and owner's certificates of compliance related to the new PAR program is available.

Two amusement ride district offices have been established, one in Southern California (Santa Ana) and one in Northern California (Sacramento). The office in Santa Ana carries out the responsibilities of the new PAR program in Southern California. The office in Sacramento carries out the responsibilities of the new PAR program in Northern California and the TAR program for the entire state. To contact these amusement ride offices for more information on the amusement ride programs, to file a complaint, or to report an accident, see the information below:

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