Description Class. Penalty
Failure to assure equipment is installed properly GEN $250.00
Failure to establish a benzene regulated area GEN $1,500.00
Failure to perform additional benzene monitoring GEN $1,500.00
Failure to perform benzene monitoring after spill or leak GEN $1,500.00
Failure to use approved container for flammable liquid SERIOUS $7,000.00
Failure to maintain piping and valves SERIOUS $7,000.00
Failure to relieve pressure to avoid uncontrolled release SERIOUS $7,000.00
Failure to dev Process Safety Info for V-1 upper temp limit SERIOUS $7,000.00
Failure to develop & maintain written Process Safety Information SERIOUS $7,000.00
Failure to address operating hazards in Process Hazard Analysis SERIOUS $7,000.00
Failure to establish & implement written operating procedures SERIOUS $7,000.00
Failure to perform inspections of process equipment & piping SERIOUS $7,000.00
Failure to implement hot work permit procedure SERIOUS $7,000.00
Failure to implement Injury & Illness Prevention Program SERIOUS $7,000.00
Failure to use respiratory protection SERIOUS $2,000.00
Failure to use respirator during emergency response SERIOUS $2,000.00
Failure to wear appropriate PPE for hazardous exposure SERIOUS $2,000.00
Failure to provide employee exposure records to the Division WILL/REG $5,000.00
Failure to file written report of benzene emergency WILL/REG $5,000.00
Failure to notify Division of alteration to pressure vessel WILL/GEN $5,000.00
Failure to obtain authorization for pressure vessel alteration WILL/GEN $5,000.00
Failure to have pressure vessel altered by authorized organizatn WILL/GEN $5,000.00
Failure to obtain insp., doc., certif. of pressure vessel alteration WILL/GEN $5,000.00
Failure to follow written operating procedures WILL/SER $70,000.00
Failure to implement safe work practices WILL/SER $70,000.00
Failure to assure contractor employees' knowledge of hazards WILL/SER $70,000.00
Failure to implement Management of Change procedures WILL/SER $70,000.00
Failure to ground or bond to prevent static accumulation WILL/SER $70,000.00
Failure to reduce pressure in piping before opening WILL/SER $70,000.00
Failure to empty, wash, steam out flammable liquid piping WILL/SER $70,000.00
Failure to control ignition sources before opening line WILL/SER $70,000.00
Failure to stop leak of flammable liquid WILL/SER $70,000.00
Operating a pressure vessel above its design parameters WILL/SER $70,000.00
TOTAL PENALTY   $810,750.00