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File a Workplace Safety Complaint

Right to File a Complaint: The California Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1973 gives workers the right to file a complaint about workplace safety and health hazards.

Names of Complainants Must Be Kept Confidential: The name of any person who submits a complaint to Cal/OSHA must be kept confidential by law, unless the person requests otherwise.

Instructions for Filing a Complaint

You may file complaint about a hazard in your workplace by calling the Cal/OSHA district office that serves the location of your job site, preferably during business hours. If you cannot call during business hours, you may also call during off hours. If you cannot call at all, you may e-mail your complaint to the respective district office.

  1. Indicate the type of workplace for your complaint:

  2. For your call, please gather as much information as possible:

    Please include the following information, if available, in your complaint:

    1. Name, address, and telephone number of the workplace about which you complain
    2. Type of business
    3. Name and job title of management official in charge at the worksite
    4. Name, address and telephone number of the complainant
    5. Detailed description of the hazard, and location in the worksite
    6. Identity of any employees who have been injured as a result of the complaint conditions
    7. Nature of the work performed in the area of the workplace which is the subject of the complaint
    8. Type and condition of any equipment or machinery in use in the subject workplace and any materials, chemicals, processes or operations involved in the complaint conditions
    9. How often the work task which is associated with the complaint conditions is performed and for how long at any one time
    10. How long the hazardous conditions have existed, whether the conditions have been brought to the employer's attention and, if so, whether the employer has made any attempt to correct the condition
    11. How many work shifts there are, what time each shift begins and during which shift the hazardous conditions occur
    12. Identity of any employees with symptoms which may have been caused by exposure to hazardous substances, identity of any employees who have received medical treatment for a work-related condition and, if so, the name of the condition
    13. How many people work at the worksite, how many workers may be exposed to the hazardous condition(s) and their physical proximity to the hazardous condition(s)
    14. Identity of any employee bargaining unit representative at the worksite, if any, and the name, address, and telephone number of the bargaining unit representative and any other employee representatives.
March 2015