Registrant Detail Information

An information page is maintained for each registrant that provides information about their expiration date, work restrictions, contact information and primary business address. You can access this information by clicking on the registrant's registration number.

CSLB license: Registrants with the term "Exempt" in place of the CSLB license number are not asbestos abatement contractors. They are public sector organizations or private companies working only on their own property and therefore exempt from the CSLB requirements.

Other locations: The database only allows searches by a contractor's main office. They may have others and/or work in many areas of the State of California.

CSLB link: Click here on Contractor's State License Board (CSLB) for information about a contractor. It is always advisable to perform this check since their CSLB status may have changed.

Restricted registrations for Roofing Contractors: The registration numbers of contractors whose work with asbestos is limited to asbestos bituminous or resinous roofing materials, are preceded by R (for roofing) to designate this restriction.