DLSE - Glossary

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camp counselor or program counselor

"Camp counselor or program counselor" means a staff member whose main responsibility involves either direct supervision of living-group campers or direct program relationships with campers.


"Cohabitant" means a person who regularly resides in the household. "Former cohabitant" means a person who formerly regularly resided in the household. Family Code Section 6209

collective bargaining agreement

An agreement negotiated between a labor union and an employer that sets forth the terms of employment for the employees who are subject to the agreement. This type of agreement may include provisions regarding wages, vacation time, working hours, working conditions, and health insurance benefits.


Compensation paid to any person for services rendered in the sale of the employer's property or services and based upon the amount or value thereof. If the employee's compensation is based on a percentage of the cost or sale price of the product or service, then the compensation plan is a commission.