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Farm Labor Contractors

FLC License Application and Instructions

Who is a Farm Labor Contractor (FLC)?

The law considers the following individuals or organizations to be "farm labor contractors”:

  • any person/legal entity who, for a fee, employs people to perform work connected to the production of farm products to, for, or under the direction of a third person
  • any person/legal entity who recruits, supplies, or hires workers on behalf of someone engaged in the production of farm products and, for a fee, provides board, lodging, or transportation for those workers, or supervises, times, checks, counts, weighs, or otherwise directs or measures their work, or disburses wage payments to these persons.

Note: "farm labor contractor" does not include a commercial packing house engaged in both the harvesting and the packing of citrus fruit or soft fruit for a client.

Why does a FLC need a license?

Labor Code section 1683 requires that anyone acting as a farm labor contractor must be licensed by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, must keep his/her license up-to-date, and must keep it in his/her possession.

Farm Labor Contractor Legislation:   2009    2011

Labor Code Sections and other legal requirements for FLCs

Letter to Farm Labor Contractors regarding the update of SB 1087 - May 2015

Carta a Los Contratistas de Travajadores Agricolas con respecto a la actualizacion de la ley SB 1087 - Mayo 2015

How to apply or renew a FLC license

You may apply for a license online. Also available are instructions and checklist for FLC application.

If the online application was completed last year, please use the same user name and password. Applicants who applied in person or by mail last year, please email us to receive instruction on how to renew online this year. Please include the applicant's FLC license number and contact information in the email to


Apply for a FLC license online

Download paper application for new FLC license, renewal or short-form renewal application

Pay fees (if you submitted or will submit a paper application)

License Verification (for renewal applicants only)

License Verification (for new applicants only)

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