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California’s worker’s compensation system uses a process called independent medical review (IMR) to resolve disputes about the medical treatment of injured employees.

A request for medical treatment in the workers' compensations system must go through a “utilization review” process to confirm that it is medically necessary before it is approved. If utilization review denies, delays or modifies a treating physician’s request for medical treatment because the treatment is not medically necessary, the injured employee can ask for a review of that decision through IMR.

The IMR application requires information to match the request with other information held by DWC. This is done through linking to DWC's Workers' Compensation Information System and the Jurisdiction Claim Number (JCN). Most claims administrators will have the JCN for the claim in their records. However, for those that do not have an ability to submit that number, DWC has created the following application to identify the JCN that would be included on the IMR application.

To search for a JCN you must enter the Insurer FEIN, Claim Number, and date of injury exactly as submitted to WCIS.

*All fields are required. The Insurer FEIN, Claim Number, and Date of Injury must match the Claim Administrator Claim Number, Insurer FEIN, and Date of Injury reported on the latest accepted First or Subsequent Report of Injury.

Database Refreshed: 6/5/2024

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