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As a service to the public and the compensation community this web page includes the full text of Workers' Compensation Appeals Board en banc and significant panel decisions.

The following decisions are presented here for information only. All steps have been taken to ensure the electronic accuracy of these decisions. However, the printed version of each decision remains the official decision. Description and summary information appearing on this page are for the convenience of the reader and NOT considered part of the decisions.

Only WCAB en banc decisions have precedential value and are selected to achieve uniformity of decision and involving cases presenting novel issues. The significant panel decisions, although not of precedential value, are cases selected as involving new or recurring issues about which there is little published law, or where it would be beneficial to provide a restatement of a legal principle or an issue of general interest. These latter decisions are intended to provide information and guidance to the compensation community and have been reviewed by all of the board members who agree that the panel decision merits general dissemination. Of course, a subsequent case presenting similar issues may be reviewed by a panel comprised of different commissioners who must review that case and the legal issues raised in light of changes in the facts presented, statutes involved, or developing case law.

The cases accessible on this Web page are not all the cases on a given issue and may not be the latest opinion on the issue since WCAB decisions can be appealed to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. The cases listed here may not be final for purposes of appellate review.