Petition Decisions

Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board

Petitions submitted to the Board for consideration:

The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (Board) is the only agency in the State authorized to adopt occupational safety and health standards or orders. The Board is required to hold open public meetings at least monthly and to permit any person to address the Board on any matters of occupational safety or health or to propose new or revised standards. Petitions for standard changes will be evaluated by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health. The Board will report its decision no later than six months following receipt of a petition.

File #
Regarding Status
Petition 563 To require a targeted approach to tuberculosis (TB) testing of healthcare workers in healthcare settings instead of universal annual TB testing
Petition 562 To allow employee access to the employer’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
Petition 561 To include an alternative design that will prevent mechanical equipment from running over the edge of a floor opening
Petition 560 The unique health and safety needs and issues faced by the adult film industry GRANTED
Petition 559 Prohibiting the use of unapproved lifting devices when removing plywood from trenches DENIED
Petition 558 Deleting exception 9 GRANTED
Petition 557 Clarifying required protections for workers in the adult film industry GRANTED
Petition 556 Elevated Work Platforms GRANTED
Petition 555 Portable power-driven circular saw blade guarding DENIED
Petition 554 Pertaining to porta potties to require the use of solar powered ventilation systems DENIED
Petition 553 Fall protection for telecom workers GRANTED
Petition 552 Exception 2, cord and plug regulations DENIED
Petition 551 Tree trimming activities DENIED
Petition 550 Amendment to Construction Safety Orders GRANTED
Petition 549 Brush Chipper safety DENIED
Petition 548 Use of the "Safety-Pundit Safety Management System" DENIED
Petition 547 Workplace bullying DENIED
Petition 546 5 year refresher mine/underground safety training GRANTED
Petition 545 Office, Educational and Institutional Occupancies GRANTED in part, DENIED in part
Petition 544 Snow avalanche control blasting WITHDRAWN
Petition 543 Personal Fall Arrest Systems DENIED
Petition 542 Safety standards to reduce injuries in the educational setting GRANTED
Petition 541 Window cleaning DENIED
Petition 540 Shopping Carts at Retail Facilities and Establishments DENIED
Petition 539 Workplace violence prevention GRANTED
Petition 538 Workplace violence prevention for healthcare workers GRANTED
Petition 537 Reinforcing steel and post-tensioning activities GRANTED
Petition 536 Tractor mounted transportation units GRANTED
Petition 535 Foot protection (structural firefighting) GRANTED
Petition 534 Construction industry personnel hoists/elevators GRANTED
Petition 533 Refuge chambers GRANTED
Petition 532 Personal fall protection systems DENIED
Petition 531 Alternatives to personal fall protection systems GRANTED
Petition 530 Energy Control Procedures DENIED
Petition 529 Determination and application of age corrections to audiograms DENIED
Petition 528 Acceptable method of recirculating spray booth air DENIED
Petition 527 Whole body vibration quotient for truck drivers DENIED
Petition 526 Protection of hotel housekeepers GRANTED
Petition 525 Update to NFPA33 standard for spray application using flammable or combustible materials DENIED
Petition 524 Subject of petition GRANTED
Petition 523 Construction personnel hoists WITHDRAWN
Petition 522 Helicopter fueling operations GRANTED
Petition 521 Portable ladder inspections GRANTED
Petition 520 Certified inspectors and inspections of portable amusement rides GRANTED
Petition 519 Requirements for first aid supplies GRANTED
Petition 518 Intern and resident physician work hours DENIED
Petition 517 Subject of petition DENIED
Petition 516 Subject of petition GRANTED in part, DENIED in part
Petition 515 Subject of petition GRANTED
Petition 514 Flexible horizontal lifelines DENIED
Petition 513 Bloodborne pathogens GRANTED
Petition 512 Chain and cable ladders in the petrochemical industry GRANTED
Petition 511 Seatbelts in industrial trucks DENIED
Petition 510 Communication tower ladders GRANTED
Petition 509 Subject of petition DENIED
Petition 508 Group IV, Conveyance installations on or after May 1, 2008 installation contract date GRANTED
Petition 507 Exhaust and modification of equipment GRANTED
Petition 506 Personal protective equipment for employees handling pneumatic hammers DENIED
Petition 505 Gas compressors and engines GRANTED
Petition 504 Crane operator qualifications and certification GRANTED
Petition 503 Flaggers WITHDRAWN
Petition 502 Protective measures for mercury amalgam in dental offices DENIED
Petition 501 Ban of mercury amalgam in dental work DENIED
Petition 500 Back-up warning devices GRANTED
Petition 499 Cranes and other hoisting equipment DENIED
Petition 498 Inspection and tests DENIED
Petition 497 Tunnel definition DENIED
Petition 496 Use of forklifts DENIED
Petition 495 Truck wheel guards and railsweeps GRANTED
Petition 494 Roll bars and lap seat belts on riding lawn mowers GRANTED
Petition 493 Reinforcing steel and other similar projections DENIED
Petition 492 Assigned protection factors for respirators GRANTED
Petition 491 Use of multivalves on underground liquid propane gas tanks GRANTED
Petition 490 Crane design requirements GRANTED
Petition 489 Crane design requirements GRANTED
Petition 488 Elevator safety orders GRANTED
Petition 486 Food flavorings - diacetyl GRANTED
Petition 485 Crane design requirements DENIED
Petition 484 Roll-Over protective structures GRANTED

October 2016