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EDEX specifications

Table of Contents

Section Document
1. General Overview
2. Process Overview Description
3. Transaction Record Layouts
A. Watch Filing (004)
B. Watch Response (005)
C. Inquiry Filing (006)
D. Inquiry Response (007)
E. Hearing Notice (009)
F. Significant Events (011)
G. Full Case History Response (013)
4. Data Dictionary
A. Significant Events Table
B. History Translation Table
C. Body Parts Table
D. Injury Type Codes Table
E. Hearing Type Codes Table
F. WCAB Case Status Codes Table
G. Hearing Location Codes Table
H. DWC District Office Codes Table
I. Service Level Descriptions
J. Error Code Table
5. Secure File Transfer (SFT) User’s Manual version 4.1
6. SFT file naming conventions
7. EDEX-4 Testing Protocol
8. EDEX-4 Entity descriptions
9. Questions & Answers

May 2013