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Case Law

Case law is law that is based on judicial decisions that interpret and apply statutes and regulations. Therefore, case law is ever changing.  Prior to relying on a case please confirm that it remains the current standard or most recent law.  

Please note that cases also have differing authority. For example, Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board panel decisions are not binding.  

Whereas a California Appellate Court case is cited as Cal.App. and is citable and binding authority on the Appeals Board.  A California Supreme Court case is cited as Cal. and is citable and binding authority. In addition, Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board en banc decisions cited as Cal. Comp. are also binding. Binding decisions mean that the holding in the case is precedent and Workers’ Compensation Judges are bound to follow the holding in the decision. If the decision is not binding, Workers’ Compensation Judges are not required to follow the holding in the case, but may use the holding as guidance in reaching their decision.

The following cases are reprinted from LexisNexis with permission. Copyright 2021 LexisNexis. All rights reserved.

Statutes and Regulations


October 2021