Cal/OSHA - Elevators - Riding Public

Every day, thousands of Californians and visiting tourists enjoy the convenience of elevators, escalators and moving walkways throughout the State. The Division of Occupational Safety & Health Elevator Unit, under the leadership of Principal Safety Engineer Debra Tudor is committed to ensuring the safety of the riding public.

Maintenance of these and other conveyances are the responsibility of the building/elevator owners. Renewal and posting of the operating permits is also the responsibility of the building/ elevator owners.

The Elevator Safety Orders do not require that any device remain operational; however, if a device is removed from service, there are specific steps to be followed. If you are concerned about a device that has been removed or is no longer operational, contact the building owner. If you are unable to get a response then contact the local division office.

Handicap accessibility is an ongoing responsibility for building owners. ADA is a program administered by the federal government. The Justice Department of the United States is set-up to handle complaints concerning potential discrimination. (Click for more information regarding ADA requirements.)