Forms and Publications

For Garment Manufacturing


Form Name Number Revised
Application for Registration-Garment Manufacturing Industry - English (also available in: Spanish Chinese Korean Vietnamese Tagalog) DLSE 810 Rev. 03-02
Declaration and Authorization to Release Information (optional) Rev. 2-10

Publications & Notices

Form Name Number Revised
Examination - Pertinent regulations for garment manufacturing and contractors (full version) Rev. 11-11
Instructions for Registration as Garment Manufacturers and Contractors Rev. 12-11
Notice to garment manufacturing/contracting applicant. Rev. 8-13
Notice to garment manufacturing/contracting applicants (regarding AB 1384) Rev. 10-13
Rules and Regulations - Garment Manufacturing Industry DLSE 2007E Rev. 10-11
Summary of Basic California and Federal Employment Requirements for Garment Industry Employers Rev. 12-11

Revised March 11, 2016