Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) – Document submission instructions

  • At least one document must be filed (uploaded) with an intake form.
  • All documents must be in .pdf format.
  • The maximum number of documents that can be uploaded with an intake form is five (5). It is okay to combine multiple documents into a single .pdf in order to stay within this limit.
  • The maximum size of a single submission is 20 MB, regardless of the number of documents being uploaded.
  • If you need to upload more than five documents, or if you need to make multiple submissions in order to stay within the 20 MB limit (per submission), please use the “Other Response or Document” intake form to submit the additional items.
  • When uploading a court complaint, it is not necessary to include additional items such as the Summons, scheduling orders, etc.
  • When uploading a proposed settlement, please provide the text of the settlement, the Points and Authorities or other item being submitted to the court that explains the basis for the settlement, and the Notice of Motion or other item indicating when and where there will be a hearing on the proposed settlement. It is not necessary to include collateral items such as cover letters, proofs of service, and declarations and exhibits that do not pertain to the substance of the settlement.

November 2016