Physicians, Practitioners and Providers Issued a Notice of Suspension

The following physicians, practitioners, and providers have been issued a Notice of Suspension pursuant to Labor Code section 139.21(a).  Suspension is effective 30 calendar days after the date issued, unless the notice is appealed. Names marked with an asterisk (*) may be subject to special lien proceedings under section 139.21 if and when their suspensions become effective.

Name Location Type Notice Issued Effective Date
Steven Jay Rigler* San Diego Chiropractor 4/14/2017 Appealed
Robert Alva Rose* Irvine Physician 5/3/2017 Appealed
Alexander Kiev Martinez* El Centro DME Provider 5/3/2017 6/2/2017
Fermin Iglesias* Glendale DME Provider 5/5/2017 Appealed
Neil Van Dyck Sheridan Podiatrist 5/19/2017 6/19/2017

Physicians, Practitioners or Providers Suspended

June 2017