Service of subpoenas on the Division and/or its employees

District Offices of the of the Division of Workers’ Compensation and the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board may accept California Public Records Act Requests in person or in writing as set forth in the Guidelines posted on this page.

District Offices are not authorized to accept service of subpoenas seeking the production of records in the custody of the Division or seeking to compel the attendance and/or testimony of any Division employee in any legal or administrative proceeding.

If you wish to obtain records from the Division by subpoena, or you are unable to effect personal service of a subpoena on an individually named employee, whose testimony is being sought, you must serve the Division as specified below.

Pursuant to section 2020.220 of the Code of Civil Procedure, the Administrative Director has designated the Chief Counsel for the Division as authorized to accept service of a subpoena. The Chief Counsel and the Division’s Legal Office is located in the Division’s headquarters, at 1515 Clay Street, 18th Floor, Oakland, California. 

Any subpoena seeking records from the Division must be personally served on the Chief Counsel of the Division, or his/or her designee, at the Division’s Legal Office.

Please be advised that the Division will not accept service of a subpoena by mail, email or facsimile.

June 2015