Electrician Certification Program

Existing law requires that persons performing work as electrician under a C-10 licensed contractor be certified pursuant to certification standards established by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. “Electricians” is defined as all persons who engage in the connection of electrical devices for electrical contractors licensed pursuant to Section 7058 of the Business and Profession Code, specifically, contractors classified as electrical contractors in the Contractors State License Board Rules and Regulations [Labor Code § 108 (c)].


Due to a high volume of applications and limited staffing, it is taking approximately 12 weeks to review and process applications. Thank you for your continued patience. We may contact you in writing requesting additional documents if your application is deficient. As such, this may result in additional time for the review process. If you have received a defect letter requesting additional information, please provide a copy of that letter, driver’s license or identification card number, and a brief description of your situation. If your submission doesn’t require payment and you’ve reached the twelve-week review time without a response, please reply with your detailed inquiry and driver’s license or identification card number. Your inquiry will be reviewed in the order it's received. Please do not send multiple emails as it delays our ability to process applications.

All online applications have been disabled until further notice.  Please submit your application by mail.  Printable applications can be found on our website at: https://dir.ca.gov/DLSE/ECU/ECUCertforms.htm

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Department of Industrial Relations
Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Attn: Electrician Certification Unit

1515 Clay St., Suite 1902
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 286-3900
Fax: (510) 286-3917
Email: ECUINFO@dir.ca.gov

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