Directions for completing application for electrician examination and certification

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Application for electrician examination and certification. (pdf 150kb)

1. Fill out your name on the application exactly as it is appears on your driver's license. Make sure to include your entire driver's license number and your date of birth.

2. Fill out your mailing address correctly. Please keep in mind mail from DLSE and the testing vendor (PSI Services) will arrive to this address.

3. Check the appropriate box for the type of certification exam desired.

4. Complete the proof of experience requirements. To complete, you must submit a copy of a state approved apprenticeship certificate. Please note: If you have a completion certificate to submit, you do not have to fill out the on-the-job experience requirement. First time applicants are required to submit your Social Security earnings information obtained from form SSA-7050 from the Social Security Administration.

  • If you do not have a copy of your state approved apprenticeship certificate, please check (a) (2) on page 1 of the application and complete page 2. If you are filling out this section, make sure you have the required hours before submitting the application.

6. A copy of a license from a state other than California can also suffice as proof of experience and allow you to take the exam.

7. You must send a check for the exact payment of the exam. Make the check payable to “DIR Electrician Certification Fund”. The fee for one exam is $175, for two exams, $275, and for three exams, $375.

8. Make sure to sign and date the application.

9. Make sure your check is properly signed.

10. If DLSE does not accept your application due to lack of required information, you will be sent a letter explaining what is missing.

11. Once you apply for the exam and are approved by DLSE, your application will be forwarded to our testing vendor, PSI Services. PSI Services will then send you a "Candidate Information Bulletin". Included in the bulletin will be important information regarding the exam. You will then call the 800 number listed in the bulletin to schedule your date, time and location of the exam. Please note: A test date is not automatically assigned to you.

12. If you fail the exam, you must wait 60 days from the date you took the exam before sending in your application for re-test. You must also send in a re-test fee of $100. Applications received before the 60-day requirement will be held until the 60-day requirement is reached.

13. If you fail to appear to a scheduled exam, you must repay the exam fee of $100.00. If you need to retake the exam and your one-year eligibility has expired, you must repay the $175 exam fee.

14. Lost/Stolen card replacement fee is $30.00 for each card and must be accompanied with a "request for replacement certification card" form.

15. Report of address change must be accompanied by the "report of address change" form.