Minor Work Hours Waiver

All employer requests for a minor work hours waiver in the entertainment industry to work beyond the hours mandated by the Labor Code and the California Code of Regulations must be submitted in writing at least two business days before the actual shoot date. Requests must be sent to the Van Nuys Office via email to EWPwaivers@dir.ca.gov.
Waiver requests must include:

  • Copy of Permit to Employ Minors
  • Copy of Minor Permit(s)
  • Letter on company letterhead with:
    • Names & ages of minors (must be between the ages of 8 years up to 18 years old [LC 1308.5(a)(4)])
    • Name of CA-Certified Studio Teacher who will be there
    • Reason for extension
    • Date(s) and time of extension (until 12am only preceding school day)
    • Company contact information

Pursuant to California Labor Code section 1308.5, a minor can work until 10 p.m. and with our written authorization until midnight on a night preceding a school night. Minors may work until 12:30 a.m. on nights preceding non-school nights. Under no circumstances is a minor permitted to work past 12:30 a.m.

September 2019