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How to file a public works complaint

Public works complaints can be filed by anyone from the public. The Labor Commissioner receives complaints from unions, labor management cooperation committees, public agencies, competitors and other interested parties. You should complete the public complaint form, if you are not a worker on the public works project. Complaints can be filed for both prevailing wage and apprenticeship issues.

There is a specific complaint form if you are a worker on a public works project. As a worker, you should complete the worker complaint form. The worker complaint form is also available in Spanish.

Be sure to follow the instructions for completing the form. Sign and date the completed form; an original signature is required. Attach copies of any documents that support your complaint. All complaints and copies of supporting documents should be mailed to the Labor Commissioner’s Offices listed below.

Where to file a complaint form

If the work was performed in the following counties: Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara or Ventura, send the form to:

     DLSE – BOFE Public Works
     Attn:  Complaints Unit
     300 Oceangate, Suite 850
     Long Beach, CA 90802

If the work was performed in any county not listed above, send the form to:

     DLSE – BOFE Public Works
     Attn:  Complaints Unit
     2031 Howe Avenue, Suite 100
     Sacramento, CA 95825

What happens after a complaint has been filed

Once you have submitted your completed complaint form, your case will be assigned for investigation.  An investigator may contact you should additional information be required.  A public works complaint requires an investigator to obtain information from the public agency that awarded the project, review the employer's payroll, obtain additional records and interview witnesses. If a violation of prevailing wage law is found, the investigator will conduct an audit and issue a citation against the affected subcontractor.  A notice will be sent to the public entity instructing them to withhold any payments that the public agency controls until the matter is resolved at an administrative hearing or 60 days after the issuance of citation if no appeal is requested by the affected contractors.  All contractors have a right to appeal the citation and the case may go before an administrative hearing officer appointed by the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations. 

Additional information for workers on the BOFE investigation process is available in the following languages:

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