I Want to Have a Safer and Healthier Workplace What steps do I need to take to reopen safely?

  • Consult the latest information from the Governor's Office on which businesses and activities can operate.
  • Identify and correct unsafe work practices.
    • Create a site-specific COVID-19 Prevention Plan (Model COVID-19 Prevention Program [Microsoft Word document])
    • Consult industry specific guidance and checklists
    • Conduct a site-specific evaluation of where COVID-19 transmission could occur, including interactions between employees and any other persons, and places employees may congregate or interact with members of the public.
    • Allow workers and worker representatives to be involved in hazard identification and evaluation.
  • Provide effective training to employees based on the requirements of Cal/OSHA's emergency temporary standards on COVID-19 (see training topics listed above).
  • Modify work practices, employee schedules and the physical workplace to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Cal/OSHA FAQs on COVID-19 prevention requirements

February 2023