List of study materials

Most of these publications are available at public, law or university libraries. They may be purchased on-line, at legal book stores, or by calling the phone number listed with the publication.

The Office of Self Insurance Plans (OSIP) does not endorse these publications. This list is provided as a public service to the candidates taking the self insurance administrator's examination.

  • California Workers' Compensation Claims & Benefits by David W. O'Brien
    (818) 206-9222 x203 or
  • California Workers' Compensation Law Handbook by Stanford D. Herlick
    (800) 223-1940 or
  • California Compensation Cases (annual compilation of significant workers' compensation decisions)
    (800) 223-1940 or
  • California Law of Employee Injuries and Workers' Compensation Practice and Procedure by Warren L. Hanna
    (800) 223-1940 or
  • California Workers' Compensation Practice by Charles L. Swezey
    (800) 232-3444 or
  • Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment by the American Medical Association
    (800) 621-8335 or (Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Edition available)
  • Occupational Medicine Practice Guidelines (second edition) by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM)
    (800) 533-8046 or (third edition available)
  • Official medical fee schedule (OMFS)
    Published by the state Division of Workers' Compensation or (800) 794-6900
  • Schedule for rating permanent disabilities (PDRS)
    Published by the state Division of Workers' Compensation
  • Work Comp Index compiled by James T. Stewart
    (559) 291-3238 or
  • Workers' Compensation Laws of California (The Labor Code)
    (800) 223-1940 or