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How to Prepare for an Audit


You have received the notice of audit from OSIP.  The following tips from OSIP auditors will help make the audit process go smoother and quicker:

  1. Make sure that there is someone to meet the auditor when the audit begins
  2. Provide computer logins and passwords to the auditor before or upon arrival at the audit site.
  3. Provide a quiet, clean place for the auditor to work.
  4. Provide access in and out of the building and the restrooms.
  5. Provide claim files that are organized and complete.  If you are using a paperless system, be sure all documents are appropriately labeled.
  6. Provide all volumes of the claim files.
  7. Make sure the claims file has a lien log and/or lien section for unresolved bills/liens.
  8. Make sure that reserves are adjusted at least once a year and noted in the reserve history.
  9. If a claim file selected for audit is a companion file, be prepared to provide the master file.
  10. Give the auditor access to all portions of the claims software(s) used by the claims administrator.
  11. Remove computer time-outs.
  12. When asked for a claims log, only provide information required per 8CCR§ 15400.1, 10103 and 10103.1.
  13. Provide all claims requested, including closed claims.
  14. Once provided a notice of finding, discuss any disputes with the auditor within the next couple of days.
  15. Advise employers of and invite them to the post-audit conference.
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