September 11, 1996

Circular Letter E-96-2

T0:  Building Owners and Managers, Elevator Companies, Elevator Inspectors and Others Concerned

SUBJECT:  Elevator Permits

California Labor Section 7314(d), states "Failure to pay fees within 60 days after notification shall constitute cause for the division to prohibit use of the elevator."

To ensure safety operation, the elevator must be inspected by a representative of the Division or a certified inspector. If the inspection shows the elevator to be in compliance with the applicable Safety Orders and the fees are paid, a permit to operate will be issued.

California Labor Code Section 7320, states "The division may assess a civil penalty of up to one thousand dollars ($ 1,000.00) against any person owning or having custody, management, or operation of an elevator, who operates the elevator without a permit or who fails to conspicuously post the permit in the elevator car. No penalty shall be assessed where a request for issuance or renewal of a permit has been made and the request has not been acted upon by the division."

A copy of the permit will be acceptable and is recommended. Those persons responsible for posting the permit must develop a secure method of maintaining the permit in the elevator. A frame or window for displaying the permit need only be approximately 3 inches by 8 inches, since it is only necessary to display the portion of the permit containing the elevator data.

The elevator permit provides essential information to the user. Shown on the permit are the location of the elevator, the owner's ID, the permissible load in pounds, the number of persons allowed to ride the elevator, and the expiration date of the operating permit.

Should you have any questions about elevator inspections, feel free to contact the Division's Elevator Unit office having jurisdiction.

San Francisco/North Bay District TEL. (415) 557-1130 FAX. (415) 557-7970
San Francisco/Peninsula District TEL. (415) 557-1722 FAX. (415) 557-1846
Oakland District TEL. (510) 577-5150 FAX. (510) 577-5158
Sacramento District TEL. (916) 263-2830 FAX. (916) 263-2837
Glendale District TEL. (818) 551-2999 FAX. (818) 551-2132
San Diego District TEL. (619) 637-5540 FAX. (619) 637-5551
Anaheim District TEL. (714) 939-7741 FAX. (714) 939-8520

James L. Meyer
Principal Safety Engineer
DOSH - Elevator, Ride and Tramway Unit