January 9, 1996

Circular Letter E-96-1

T0:  Elevator Companies, Elevator Inspectors and Others Concerned

SUBJECT:  Major Alterations to Existing Elevators

Section 3001(a)(4) of the Elevator Safety Orders indicates that major alterations to existing elevators shall be considered as new installations for submittal of plans or notice of intent to make the alternation. If the Division receives a letter of intent, in lieu of a complete set of erection plans, the Division will require drawings and details of construction as allowed by Section 3001(a)(2).

The letter of intent must indicate what is going to be altered and must be submitted to the Division before the alteration begins. Major alterations are covered in Section 3000(h) and these regulations must be followed. Any variation from the code requires a variance from the Division of Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board.


James L. Meyer
Principal Engineer
DOSH - Elevator, Ride and Tramway Unit


Circular E-96-1