Sent: Monday, June 21, 2010 10:24 AM
To: Gold, Deborah@DIR


As i might not be able to read the following into the record during the June 29 meeting. please accept this statement:

As founder of Protecting Adult Welfare ( appreciate your concerns.

But I feel compelled to advise you that the implementation of "Mandatory Condoms" will "force" California's Adult Entertainment Industry to find "unhealthy" ways to circumnavigate the process.

I would prefer that you work with the adult industry to create a policy of sane sexual practices, rather than simply trying to control a legal creative medium that provides a masturbatory catharsis for the masses.

Increasing the performer testing procedures to twice a month, and testing not only for STDs but also for immune system debilitating drugs ,would certainly be a start.

And regarding "confidentiality issues" ...anyone who enters into the adult industry should fully understand that "when their privates become public viewing material, they should fully expect to lose their privacy."

Thank you!

William Margold

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