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Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders
Group 2. Safe Practices and Personal Protection
Article 9. Sanitation
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§3366. Washing Facilities.

(a) Washing facilities for maintaining personal cleanliness shall be provided in every place of employment. These facilities shall be reasonably accessible to all employees. (Title 24, Part 5, Section 5-910(a)2(A))

(b) Washing facilities shall be maintained in good working order and in a sanitary condition. (Title 24, Part 5, Section 5- 910(a)2(B))

(c) Lavatories, including those associated with toilet rooms shall be made available according to the following table:

                              Number of       Minimum Number
Type of Employment            Employees        of Lavatories
Nonindustrial-office          1  to 15             1
   buildings, public          16 to 35             2
   buildings, and similar     36 to 60             3
   establishments             61 to 90             4
                              91 to 125            5
                              over 125             1 additional
                                                   for each ad-
                                                   ditional 45 em-
                                                   ployees or frac-
                                                   tion thereof.
Industrial-factories         1 to 100              1 for each 10
  warehouses, loft                                 employees.
  buildings, and similar
  establishments             over 100              1 additional for
                                                   each additional
                                                   15 employees or
                                                   fraction thereof.

In a multiple-use lavatory, 24 lineal inches of sink or 18 inches of circular basin, when provided with individual faucet, shall be considered equivalent to one lavatory.


(1) Employees engaged in hand-labor operations at agricultural establishments are subject to the sanitation provisions of Section 3457.

(d) Each lavatory shall be provided with running water and suitable cleansing agents. The water shall be available at temperatures of at least 85o F in those instances where:

(1) Substances regulated as carcinogens in these orders are used; or

(2) Skin contact may occur with substances designated skin (S) in section 5155.

NOTE: This section does not prevent local health departments from enforcing more stringent standards contained in the Health and Safety Code for food handlers.

(e) Clean individual hand towels, or sections thereof, of cloth or paper or warm-air blowers convenient to the lavatories shall be provided. (Title 24, part 5, section 5-910(a)2(E))

(f) Where showering is required by the employer or these orders:

(1) Separate shower rooms shall be provided for each sex. One shower facility with hot and cold water feeding a common discharge line shall be provided for each ten employees, or numerical fraction thereof, who are required to shower during the same shift. When there are less than five employees, the same shower room may be used by both sexes provided the shower room can be locked from the inside. (Title 24, part 5, section 5-910(a)2(F))

(2) Body soap or other appropriate cleansing agents convenient to the shower shall be provided.

(3) Employees who use showers shall be provided with individual clean towels.

NOTE: Authority and reference cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


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