Division of Apprenticeship Standards
Annual Report - 1995

Department of Corrections Inmate Apprenticeship Program

The Division of Apprenticeship Standards, Department of Corrections, and Youth Authority have collaborated and established apprenticeship training that assists inmates in developing their marketable skills, which would enable them to become skilled workers in apprenticeable occupations.

The main purpose of the inmate apprenticeship program is to encourage program sponsors to accept inmates into their apprenticeship programs existing outside in the private sector. Through such linkages the inmate can make the transition from the institution to gainful employment with a program sponsor. However, in addition individual institutions have also established internal inmate apprenticeship programs in a multitude of apprenticeable occupations, i.e. automotive repair trades, machinist trades, meat cutting trades, dry cleaning, printer, upholsterer, etc. As of the end of 1995, 610 inmate apprentices were registered with DAS.

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