Division of Apprenticeship Standards
Annual Report - 1995

DAS Equal Opportunity and Outreach Activities

Equal Opportunity

At the end of calendar year 1995, registered apprentices totaled 41,360, of this number 47.7 percent were minorities and 10.8 percent were women.

The decline of registered apprentices, as a result of the economic recession, from a high in 1990 of 49,484, to a low of 36,128 in 1993 has reversed. In 1995 there was a 5.5 percent increase in registered apprentices, a 8.8 percent increase in registered minority apprentices and a 6.3 percent increase in registered women apprentices, through the efforts of the DAS, CAC and the Joint Task Force to improve the percentages of women in the construction occupations, women in construction apprenticeship programs have fared somewhat better than apprenticeship participation as a whole.

Included in this report are Exhibits 1 through 5 for the years of 1991 through 1995, showing the number of apprentices--including numbers and percentages for minorities and women--registered in each apprenticeship program having five or more apprentices and the number of apprentices who completed their programs.

DAS Outreach

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