Division of Apprenticeship Standards
Annual Report - 1995

DAS School to Career/Apprenticeship

The inception of California's School to Career/Apprenticeship (STC/A) program began with the employment of Rulon Cottrell as the Chief of the DAS in June 1995. Mr. Cottrell had successfully initiated a STC/A program in the State of Utah in the early 1990s.

The first official action occurred at the July '95 CAC meeting with approval to establish an Ad Hoc Committee on STC/A. The Chair of the CAC appointed a 16 member committee to advise and assist in the establishment of a School-to-Apprenticeship (STA) system in California.

In September, 1995 the DAS hired a Special Consultant to assist in launching the STA program and also held the first meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee.

A chairman was selected and the Committee identified 8 items to address in initiating the STA agenda, including the gathering of information from other states, developing a mission statement, contacting industry, education and community leaders, developing promotional material and initiating a small number of pilot programs in cooperation with educators and employers.

Contact was made with the Governor's School to Career Task Force and linkages were formed with key state government, education and industry leaders associated with efforts to move the Governor's School-to-Career agenda forward.

A mission statement was developed, pamphlets were drafted, and contacts with industry and education were initiated to determine interest and feasibility.

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