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Subchapter 20. Tunnel Safety Orders
Article 17. Transportation and Haulage
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§8473. Transportation of Workers.

(a) The regular transportation of tunnel crews shall be in trains made up for that purpose only and they shall be operated at a safe speed. Where switching facilities are available, the man-cars shall be pulled, not pushed, by the locomotive.

(b) Cars containing explosives or detonators shall not be included in the regular, worker transportation train.

(c) Workers shall not ride in or on cars loaded with items such as timbers, rib-steel, rail, pipe, muck or other similar material.

(d) Only the train crew, shall be permitted to ride in muck cars. Rocker-type muck cars shall have positive locks to prevent accidental dumping.

(e) Workers shall not be permitted to get on or off cars while the train is in motion.

(f) Man-cars used to transport workers shall be equipped with seats, railed sides, over-head protection, non-skid floors and entrance gates at the sides of the car.

(g) Only the regular train crews, shall be permitted to ride on the front end of a locomotive or train.

(h) No person shall be allowed to ride between the cars of a train or anyplace on the train where steps or footboards with secure handholds or seating are not provided.

(i) On man-cars and powder cars, safety chains shall be used in addition to the couplers.

NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 142.3 and 7997, Labor Code. Reference: Sections 142.3 and 7997, Labor Code.


1. Amendment of subsections (b) and (d)-(g), new subsections (h)-(i) and new Note filed 3-5-96; operative 4-4-96 (Register 96, No. 10).

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