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Subchapter 18. Ship Building, Ship Repairing and Ship Breaking Safety Orders Article 6. Precautions

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§8379. Slings and Pendants.

(a) All sling and pendants shall comply with the provisions of Articles 96 and 101 of the General Industry Safety Orders and these Orders.

(b) (1) All slings and pendants shall be given a visual inspection before being used, and those found to be defective shall not be used.

(2) Chain slings and chain pendants shall be given a thorough inspection at intervals of not less than once every three months. This inspection should include examination of the links for stretch, wear, gouge marks, distortion, open welds, and surface characteristics.

(3) Broken chains shall not be spliced by means of a bolt and nut or by passing one link through another and inserting a bolt, nail, or any other device to hold it in place, nor shall the links be gas- or electric-welded.

(c) Spreaders or strongbacks shall be used when necessary to give good balance and weight distribution in loads.

(d) Wire rope slings and wire rope pendants shall be used in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

(e) Wire rope or steel chain slings and pendants shall be used when lifting personnel platforms or handling plates or material on and off boats under construction. Lumber, lumber products, small bundles of pipe, and materials subject to damage by wire rope shall be handled by means of fiber rope.

(f) Material shall not be cradled in slings. Slings shall be used as chokers, and at least one round turn of each sling should be used around the load.

(g) Where practicable, thimbles shall be used in the eyes of wire rope slings and wire rope pendants.

(h) Loose ends of idle slings and pendants shall be temporarily secured when a load is being moved.

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Note: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


1. Amendment filed 1-22-88; operative 2-21-88 (Register 88, No. 6).

2. Amendment of subsection (e) filed 4-24-2007; operative 5-24-2007 (Register 2007, No. 17).

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