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Subchapter 2. Boiler and Fired Pressure Vessel Safety Orders
Article 5. Inspection

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§779. Certification of Inspectors.

(a) Upon the written request of his employer, a certificate of competency may be issued to a person who is employed as provided in subsection (c) following and who obtains a passing grade in the examination prescribed by the division. The prescribed examination may be that of the National Board and shall determine the fitness and competency of any candidate for this certificate. An average of at least seventy percent (70%) shall be required for a passing grade.

(b) An applicant for a certificate of competency shall be at least three (3) years experience in boiler or unfired pressure vessel construction or repair or as an operating engineer in charge of high-pressure boilers or as inspector of steam boilers or unfired pressure vessels.

(1) bachelor of science degree in engineering from an accredited school plus one year experience in design, construction, operation or inspection of high pressure boilers and pressure vessels.

(2) An associate degree in mechanical technology plus two years experience in design, construction, operation or inspection of high pressure boiler and pressure vessels.

(3) A high school education or the equivalent plus three years experience:

(A) in high pressure boiler and high pressure vessel construction or repair, or

(B) in charge of high pressure boiler and pressure vessel operations, or

(C) in the inspection of high pressure boilers and pressure vessels.

(c) A certificate of competency may be issued only to a person employed as an inspector of steam boilers or pressure vessels by any county, city, insurance company, or by the division, or to an inspector continuously employed by a corporation or company to inspect only boilers and pressure vessels to be used by such company and not for resale. The certificate of competency shall be automatically revoked after a period of eighteen (18) months if the inspector does not make any boiler or pressure vessel inspections as evidenced by reports submitted to the division; provided, however, that this provision does not apply to supervising engineers whose regular duties include the supervision and review of the work of qualified inspectors. A written examination is required to revalidate such certificate. The employer shall notify the division when the employment of a certified inspector is terminated.

(d) Any applicant, who has previously obtained and continues to hold a commission as a boiler inspector issued by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, may be exempted from the written portion of the prescribed examination provided such applicant appears for an interview to determine his physical fitness and to prove his knowledge of the applicable Safety Orders of the Division. He shall have been actively engaged as a boiler inspector within eighteen (18) months prior to his application for the California certificate of competency.

(e) As near as practicable, the examination for certificate of competency shall be conducted on the first Wednesday in March, June, September, and December of each year.

(f) The Division reserves the right to decline to examine any candidate who has not had at least ninety (90) days' practical field boiler inspection experience under the supervision of a qualified inspector.

(g) Upon good cause being shown therefor, and after notice and an opportunity to be heard, the Division may revoke any certificate of competency.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 142.3, Labor Code. Reference: Section 142.3, Labor Code.


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