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Subchapter 2. Boiler and Fired Pressure Vessel Safety Orders
Article 5. Inspection

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§772. Preparation of Boilers for Inspection.

(a) The owner or user of a boiler or boilers herein required to be inspected shall, after 14 days' notice from the division, prepare the boiler for internal inspection.

If the owner or user finds the date set for inspection not to his convenience, he shall immediately advise the division, or qualified inspector, and ask for a postponement and state the reasons therefor, in which case the inspection date may be postponed for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days from the date first set for inspection.

(b) To prepare a boiler for internal inspection the water shall be drawn off and the boiler thoroughly washed. Manhole and handhold covers and washout plugs in the boiler feed lines and water column connections necessary for adequate inspection shall be removed and the furnace and combustion chamber thoroughly cooled and cleaned. Enough of the brickwork, refractory, or insulating material shall be removed to permit the qualified inspector to determine the condition of the boiler, furnace, or other parts and to enable the qualified inspector to obtain such data as is required at each annual inspection. The steam gage shall be removed for testing. At the discretion of the Division, data obtained by nondestructive examination may be used in lieu of visual inspection.

(c) The owner or user shall prepare the boiler for hydrostatic test when required by the qualified inspector. If the boiler to be hydrostatically tested is connected with other boilers that are under steam pressure, such connections shall be blanked off unless provided with double stop valves with a free blow drain between the valves.

(d) Before a resale inspection or other inspection of a secondhand boiler is made, the interior of the shell or drum may be required to be descaled and cleaned, such tubes shall be removed as the qualified inspector deems necessary to enable him to ascertain their condition, the lagging and brickwork shall be removed, and the exterior of the shell or drum shall be cleaned. No paint shall be applied before the inspection is made.


1. Amendment filed 11-2-66; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 66, No. 38). Approved by State Building Standards Commission.

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