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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 37. Hoisting Practices

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§7147. Hoisting and Lowering Men--General Safe Practices.

(a) The safe rate of speed for the shaft conveyance shall be fixed by the employer for each shaft, and shall not be exceeded when hoisting or lowering men.

A notice of such speed limitation shall be posted in a conspicuous place near the hoist.

(b) When hoisting or lowering men with a bucket, the speed shall not exceed 200 feet per minute except in case of apprehended danger.

(c) At the beginning of each shift, the shaft conveyance shall make one full trip up and down each hoisting compartment before men are hoisted or lowered.

Such trips before carrying men shall also be made by the hoist conveyance in each hoisting compartment after repair work has been performed in the shaft and after the hoist has not been operated for a period of one hour or more.

(d) When the shaft conveyance has been released to the hoistman, it shall not be left at a landing but shall be hung up at least 10 feet above the shaft collar or level.

(e) A careful watch shall be kept over all hoisting equipment. A daily inspection shall be made of all such equipment and a report of any defect shall be made to the person in charge.

(f) Only authorized visitors and employees shall be permitted in the hoist room.

(g) When men are being hoisted in a skip or bucket, means shall be taken to prevent the lip of the skip from catching on the shaft timbers should the conveyance dip downward.

(h) (19-69) It is forbidden to get on or off a shaft conveyance while it is in motion.

(i) Hoisting or lowering men by animal power or by motor vehicles is prohibited.

(j) (19-71) Men shall not ride in skips or buckets with muck, supplies, materials, or tools other than small hand tools.

(k) (19-73) Rock or supplies shall not be hoisted in the same shaft as men during shift changes, unless the compartments and dumping bins are partitioned to prevent spillage into the cage compartment.

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