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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 18. Conveyors and Tramways

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§7030. Conveyors.


(a) (14-1) Screw conveyors 7 feet or less above floor or other working level shall be completely covered with substantial lids except that screw conveyors the top of which is 2 feet or less above the floor or other working level, or below the floor level may be guarded by standard railing guards having toeboards of midrail height or shall be guarded by substantial covers or gratings.

(b) All belt conveyor head pulleys, tail pulleys, single tension pulleys and dip take-up pulleys shall be so guarded that the entire sides of the pulleys are covered. The guard shall extend in the direction of the run of the belt to such a distance that a person cannot reach behind it and become caught in the nip point between the belt and pulley.

(c) Portable inclined conveyors shall have head and tail pulleys or sprockets and other power transmission equipment guarded according to the General Industry Safety Orders of the division.

(d) (11-2) (11-13) (11-14) Crossovers shall be provided and used where it is necessary to pass over exposed chain, belt, bucket, screw, or roller conveyors. Such crossovers shall be bridges or runways properly equipped with standard railings and toeboards, and shall have a fixed ladder, ramp, or stairway as a safe means of access.

(e) Conveyors passing over areas that are occupied or used by employees shall be so guarded as to prevent the material handled from falling on or causing injury to employees.

(f) Where workmen pass under the return strands of chain conveyors, a shallow trough or other effective means of sufficient strength to carry the weight of the broken chain shall be provided.

(g) (9-14) No employee shall be permitted to ride a power-driven chain, belt or bucket conveyor.

(h) (9-6) When the entire length of a conveyor is visible from the starting switch, the operator shall visually check to make certain that all persons are in the clear before starting the conveyor. When the entire length of the conveyor is not visible from the starting switch, a positive audible or visible warning system shall be installed and operated to warn persons that the conveyor will be started.

(i) (9-7) Unguarded conveyors with walkways shall be equipped with emergency stop devices or cords along their full length.

(j) (9-13) Adequate backstops or brakes shall be installed on inclined-conveyor drive units to prevent conveyors from running in reverse if a hazard to personnel would be caused.

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