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Subchapter 17. Mine Safety Orders
Article 15. Mining Equipment and Practices
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§6995. Mining Equipment and Practices.


(a) (14-10) Handheld power tools, other than rock drills, shall be equipped with controls requiring constant hand or finger pressure to operate the tools or shall be equipped with friction or other equivalent safety devices.

(b) (14-26) Unsafe equipment or machinery shall be removed from service immediately.

(c) (9-102) When a signalman is used during slushing operations, he shall be positioned in a safe place.

(d) (14-29) Repairs or maintenance shall not be performed on machinery until the power is off and the machinery is blocked against motion, except where machinery motion is necessary to make adjustments.

(e) (14-30) Men shall not work on or from a piece of mobile equipment in a raised position until it has been blocked in place securely. This does not preclude the use of equipment specifically designed as elevated mobile-work-platforms.

(f) (14-31) Drive belts shall not be shifted while in motion unless the machines are provided with mechanical shifters.

(g) (14-32) Belts, chains, and ropes shall not be guided onto power-driven moving pulleys, sprockets, or drums with the hands except on slow-moving equipment especially designed for hand feeding.

(h) (14-33) Pulleys of conveyors shall not be cleaned manually while the conveyor is in motion.

(i) (14-34) Belt dressing shall not be applied manually while belts are in motion unless an aerosol-type dressing is used.

(j) (14-35) Machinery shall not be lubricated while in motion where a hazard exists, unless equipped with extended fittings or cups.

(k) (14-45) Welding operations shall be shielded and well-ventilated.

(l) (14-1) (14-6) Power transmission and point-of-operation guarding shall be in conformance with the General Industry Safety Orders.

(m) (14-2) Overhead belts shall be guarded as required by the General Industry Safety Orders.

(n) (14-8) (14-9) Grinding machines and grinding wheels shall be operated in conformance with the Use, Care, and Protection of Abrasive Wheel Standards of the General Industry Safety Orders.


1. Repealer of subsections (o), (p) and (q) filed 1-12-73; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 73, No. 2).

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